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The purpose of this site, over time:

  1. To spin webs of literary subversive content, to draw in maximum revolutionary web traffic, representing a variety of social and political movements, to serve an ecology-based peaceful global revolution -of some kind. Beyond neoliberalism and against reactionary nationalism. Also to help facilitate an unprecedented revolutionary online network of websites, backlinks, e-short-cuts, directories and other online pathways and nodes of liberation. Beyond historical conceptions of capitalism, socialism and anarchism, but utilising the most humane and efficient elements from all systems and individual / communal experiences.
  2. To learn from the technical centre of the web, to achieve the above. Starting the research here:

Get Genderwild, a new conception of gender.

Associated with !The Epic Tomorrows of Earth!

and Edit The Crisis —writing, editing, marketing(!) & writing mentoring for climate, ecological & other global crises.

For f***’s sake, Stop The Maangamizi!

Send in videos of you confronting the corrupt powerful, from around the world: